After the Treatment

Leave product on hair for 2 hours before washing out with a mint based shampoo and conditioner.  Wash out before bedtime.

Relax!  Just change bed linens, bath towels and pajamas used by your child and put favorite stuffed animals and blankets in a hot dryer for 30 minutes.  Clean comb/brush and run a light vacuum over your couch (or cover with a sheet for 24 hours). See Cleaning the Environment Page

Be a friend and tell a friend.  Notify your child's school, friends, and anyone else who may have been in contact with your child.  Remember, it is not just where your child got lice but to whom he/she gave it to as well.  Failing to notify contacts could put your child at risk for re-infestation.


It is imperative to recheck your child's head  in order to ensure that there is no re-contact with lice.  An average follow-up visit lasts about 15 minutes to ensure that there are NO MORE LICE!

Please note: 1-2 follow ups are included with your treatment. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call 253-509-4229.

Missed appointments (no call, no show) will result in forfeiture of the included follow-ups. All regular fees will apply for future appointments