Kid's Page

Can I get head lice from my dog or cat?

    No. You can't get lice from any pet or animal.  Head lice live only on humans, needing the sweet blood from your head to survive.

Is a louse a vampire?

    No. It's just a parasite that likes to "suck your blood."  It is also a bug (insect) because it has 6 legs.

Why do I itch?

    You itch because you have an allergic reaction to lice saliva.  Only 50% of people are allergic so not everyone itches.

How did I get lice?

    You probably got lice because you put your head very close to the head of a person who also has lice.  

Can I die from lice?

    Lice do not kill.  You might be very uncomfortable, but you will not die because lice can be safely removed.

Do head lice have claws?

    Yes they do!  They use their long needle-like claws for feeding.

How fast are head lice?

    Lice can travel 9 inches per minute!  They have 6 legs and are able to move forwards, backwards, and sideways.